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HBA of F-M's Events Committee is where the fun's at!

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July 20, 2021
The HBA of F-M has many ways for members to engage in the association through committee work. Events Committee is this month's highlight!

Wanted: "A self-proclaimed professional chatter who thrives in social settings or planning engaging events."

If any of this describes you, Events Committee is your perfect fit. They are tasked with brainstorming to help create unique and memorable HBA events that HBA members will find valuable to attend. You will find our golf outings, member meetings and picnics on their agenda! 
While they take that job seriously, they also know how to have fun.

Even though the committee meets at 8:30 a.m. on Fridays, it's common to hear laughter coming from the HBA conference room. And committee members have been known to stick around long after the business of the meeting has concluded to network with each other. 

Committee chair Cassie Edwards, Heritage Homes, explains why her involvement on the committee is important to her.

I love being part of the Events Committee in so many ways, from bringing our industry members together and meeting new people to volunteering and learning about our community. I enjoy making our committee voices heard through the many events and activities we host," she says.

After most events in 2020 were cancelled or modified, the committee remained positive and used it as an opportunity to make some changes to the HBA's typical event line-up. Look for new events like the High Noon Shootout and Casino Royale later this year. 

Interested in learning more? Contact Events and Marketing Manager Allison Weckman at (701) 232-5846.